Finding Limits of Speckled Trout

Don't waste your time. Learn how to locate schools of speckled trout.

In fishing for Speckled Trout (Spotted Sea Trout - Cynoscion nebulosus), the hardest endeavor is finding schools of feeding Specks. And let's face it, we've all done it...spent $100 on gas, lose a drift sock, and come home with one dink trout and a hardhead. 90% of the trout are in 10% of the water. The skillset is based in Speckled Trout Schooling Biology and Ecology and you'll learn how to 'Read the Water' to fish the productive areas on your waterbody. This DVD contains the essentials and is 3 - 5 years worth of on the water experience for locating schools of speckled trout


​This was the DVD that started it all. While our first DVD is a little rough around the edges, many proclaim that this DVD was what they needed and totally changed their perspective about fishing. These techniques work!

  • Learn to observe key on the water interactions to pinpoint where speckled trout are.
  • Understand what bay features concentrate schools of speckled trout;
  • Understand how to locate numbers of spotted sea trout based on baitfish activity
  • Advanced techniques for locating trout using fish slicks and how to locate the specks from where the slick is.
  • Also, learn what slicks to ignore and why.
  • Use key bird species that are overlooked in your bay system to find speckled trout.
  • Putting it all together and how to apply the information to the jetties, surf, or wading in.
  • Clear video of what you should be seeing on the water (we even put it in slow motion).
  • 2D and 3D graphics to clearly communicate how to react and position your boat to maximize your catch.
  • Real time 'on the water' teaching scenarios with in screen graphics give you and your kid a clear mental picture.
  • Reduce your lure choices to only the best and learn how to work the entire water column.
  • Interviews with a Tournament Level Fishing Guide and 1 Coastal Biologist.
  • This DVD contains 3-5 years on the water experience


  • Confidently and Quickly ascertain if the trout are at your chosen fishing location. Saves valuable time.
  • See what to look for in video; your next trip on the water will come alive.
  • Confidently switch to chosen lures, stop wasting time changing lures.
  • Engage the whole family; they'll quickly go from clueless to being engaged in the search on the water.

Trout Support Customer Experiences

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"After viewing the DVDs, my fishing buddy and I set off for a day in East Matty. Having fished it several times with only minimal results we got on the trout and reds. Great day on the water!!"

-John Bell

East Matagorda Bay, TX

"I had my limit by 12pm. I was having too much fun to leave. So I continued fishing for another hour playing catch and release. I probably caught around 30 trout total.It was a great trip..."

"Haha! Seeing the signs and putting it all together is what it is all about."

"Thank you Trout Support for putting out a superior product!"

-Kyle Dirba

Corpus Christi, TX

John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"On this day I applied techniques acquired in Trout Support videos learning how to read the water as well as moving up and down Marsh channel following the right birds."

-Robert Abel

Matagorda, TX

Learn to Catch More Trout in Shorter Time

The information you need to catch limits of speckled trout is only moments away. We guarantee the information in these videos will lead you to catching more fish by getting you out of unproductive water. Aren’t you tired of only coming home with one dink trout and a hard head? This DVD will have you start increasing your numbers, first you’ll start catching 3, then 5, then you’ll start to bump up against 10 keeper fish per trip.

WAIT: Order the Trout Angler Package and Get Both the Trout Limits DVD and The Trophy Trout DVD and save $10! 


Learn Techniques Used By Tournament Pros

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"We made it to the area that I found using what you instructed us to look for...very cool to see it on the DVD and then to actually see it in real life. Since watching your DVD's, my daily average of trout has gone WAY up, and I have had a 27" and a 28" in my hands already in 2011. Keep up the great work!"

-Cory Jones

West Matagorda Bay, TX

"(Bought the 4-pack) Let me start off by saying I was skeptical of these videos at first but they were highly recommended by members of the TKF forum. These videos and the information they contain have made my fishing trips extremely successful. Best part for me is that the knowledge I have obtained by watching these videos is something I can pass on to my children. My trips went from catching a red every so often to consistently catching limits of reds or trouts or both."

"This is the "Best" investment I have made related to fishing."

"Might seem like a lot of information at first but the more you watch them the more information you will retain. Then just go out there and put what you learned to use. My father watched one of the redfish videos and his exact words were "I learned more in hour of watching these videos than I have all these years of fishing." So this past Father's Day I got him the set. Highly Recommended."

-Edwardo Rodriguez

Lower Laguna Madre, TX

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John Doe UI/UX Designer

Tobin Strickland
Owner and Creator

About Trout Support helps you catch more and bigger fish more often. The DVD's are ecologically based so they'll work in all bay systems that contain spotted sea trout, red drum, and flounder. The benefit to this is that once you learn it, you can go to ANY bay system and catch fish.

What sets TroutSupport apart from the competition is our visual communication style that will give you the specific view of what to look for on the water. We actually show you with professional video, not Go Pro / hat cam clips. The videos contain top speckled trout, redfish, and flounder teaching guides so you can see how they utilize the knowledge to plan and respond to the days changing conditions. Let our team train you so you can go home happy and confident from a day on the water.

WAIT: Order the Trout Angler Package and Get Both the Trout Limits DVD and The Trophy Trout DVD and save $10! 

Our Guarantee - Full Money Back - "We’re not interested in taking anyones money, if you're a guide or extreme tournament level angler and you already know the material we'll give you a complete refund. We know anglers are at different levels and we’ve watched enough ‘crap’, and you have too. If you already know what’s in our DVDs, we’ll refund your money. We want happy customers and if you feel you didn’t get the value of the purchase then it’s fully refunded for up to 60 days. Now, that should also say something about our products, would be hard to stay in business if we weren't the best. We have something for every level."

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