Taking Your Angling to the Next Level

At some point you made the decision that you want to be a better angler; to improve or excel at it. No matter what level you start from, beginner, or an efficient angler, the steps are the same. Let’s take a look at how you can improve your game and take it to the next level.

Education is key. While you can ‘go it alone’ and just spend ‘time on the water’ you’ll likely repeat mistakes over and over and see only inconsistent results. I sometimes see on the social media boards where an interested angler asks a question to try to learn and invariably someone will reply “Just go fishing; you’re over thinking it”. While this may work for spending your day relaxing on the water drinking a cold one, you won’t be able to discern what the true key elements are unless you fish with, or learn from people better than you are, and are reading or watching solid, time tested, intel. Simply put, you want to get an education and get on the water training putting that information into use at every chance you get.

Most intermediate level or advanced anglers will be wary of those that want to ‘learn their spots’ but at the same time many of these anglers love helping others that are just getting started. The key is to be honest and tell them you’re not interested in their spots, but would really just like to learn something to improve yourself. But please don’t insult them by offering to ‘buy the bait’ or ‘pay for gas’ if they do something in the industry or at a higher level, their knowledge is way more valuable than that. Someone just barely more knowledgable than you, may or may not actually know or understand enough to really teach you what you need to know, but they’ll be much more open to a trip without exchanging resources and it will still be a trip to learn something.

Teaching guides offer an invaluable service to the fishing community. The great thing is, that most fishing guides can teach if asked the right questions. Hint, don’t ask for their spots. But do ask them to teach you what they are looking at with their eyes and what they’ve learned the bottom of the bay or lake is like that attracts the fish. It will take you time to train your eyes to see the subtle, almost imperceivable signs that they are accustomed to seeing but they’ll each nudge you in the right direction. Try to take at least one trip per year with a fishing guide, you owe it to yourself as part of your education. And if you share what you learned from them, respect them and give credit where it’s due and tell others to go with them. It’s really ok to use their name and recommend them, it’s called ‘Community’.

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My Story. Born right on the water in Southern Louisiana, I was fishing with a Snoopy pole while still in diapers. Fished Freshwater until the end of college catching large mouth bass in the 8, 9, and 10lb range. Decided to give the saltwater bays a try and my first attempts I got my 'butt' handed to me even though I was a good bass fisherman with numerous fish over 8lbs. That was 20 years ago. So to say that we understand your saltwater fishing frustration is to say the least. We've been there, and we've figured out what works and what doesn't. I started diving into the knowledge and using my skills from Ecology and testing those hypothesis to find what works and why as it pertained to where the fish actually were, and then also to find them the day of. I was lucky enough to find some great fishing guides along my journey... those that think fishing guides don't have your best interest in mind haven't fished with the guides I know and how quickly they forgot the guides and articles that they learned from. Guides are a valuable collective of people in our fishing community and I feel like finding a couple good ones after use the best learning resources will greatly shorten your learning curve. I know we all want to do it on our own, but there is also something to say for utilizing, and partnering with guys that are on the water everyday, to Maximize your putting that education into practice. With our DVDs you can do it on your own, but you can also learn to do it faster combining the resources of the community. Over the 20 years that I fished saltwater I have fished all Texas Bays and into Louisiana, Florida, and South Carolina. Not only that but my understanding of how each estuary and bay system works, and how I can simply teach it to you is also something I've been very fortunate, and blessed to be able to deliver to you. I now mostly help you guys and develop new tools for you. I am forever indebted to my customers for the life and chance I've been given. It's something I don't overlook. I don't fish as much as everyone would like to believe, running TroutSupport.com and making sure you guys come first takes a lot of time and resources. But I still go when I can and when I do I like to go to different areas and fish new water every chance I get.