Upgrade Your Personal Best Speckled Trout. Learn How to Locate and Catch Gator Sea Trout.

​Somehow catching a new personal best is eluding you, or you just can't seem to do it consistently as you would like. The TroutSupport.com DVD "Finding & Catching BIG Speckled Trout" will take you to your next level. The skill set is based in Trophy Trout biology and ecology and you'll learn how to apply what the pro's already know to your own waterbody. This DVD contains 5-10 years worth of on the water experience for locating Big Speckled Trout.


  • Understand the commonalities of Trophy Speckled Trout hotspots;
  • Learn to read aerial photos to find new Big Trout spots on your own;
  • What are the best weather scenarios for optimizing catching that Gator Spotted Seatrout;
  • Ever wonder if you should leave your spot or not? We'll walk you through the pro's thought process;
  • You'll learn how to evaluate how active the bite is and correlate that into what the best Big Trout lure will be;
  • The DVD contains underwater Big Trout lure footage to gives you a mental picture to reproduce;
  • Learn how read the water for signs that a Big Trout is in the area between October and June; While it was shot in the cooler months, the methods discussed produce Trophy Trout almost all year.
  • Also includes fishing mid bay mud streaks and fishing rivers or deep basins;
  • Interviews with 4 Tournament Level Fishing Guides and 1 Coastal Biologist;
  • Customers and fishing guides say this DVD contains 8-10 years of on the water experience
  • Run time - 86 minutes of on the water instruction: 14 minutes catching 5lb - 11lb Trohy Trout. Nov - June.


  • Confidently read aerail photography to select your own big trout locations in your bay system;
  • Systematically plan where you'll fish for Trophy Trout based on weather, tide, and temperature;
  • Learn skills that will allow you to adjust lure choices and locations that won't leave you second guessing;
  • Get a clear mental picture that will allow you to reproduce it on the water yourself.

Trout Support Customer Experiences

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Whats going on Mr.Strickland. wanted to thank you and the video you put out on the big trout. From watching the video dozens of times I have learned a lot. I have only been fishing with artificial for 2 years now and I stuck my 30in trout yesterday. It was a awesome feeling. That video was a big help. Thanks. Have a good one."

-Capt. Sammy Guerro

"The Big Trout DVD definitely helped me think in new ways about the areas I fish. Was blessed with this 29" beauty on Memorial Day in 15" of water, at noon."

-Buddy Kirkhart

Stuart, FL

John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Bought the DVD and first trip out popped my personal best so far. I used all the info from the video and bam she hit. Personal best so far. Good luck to all and have fun, this DVD is worth every penny."

-Robert Buenrostro

Galveston Bay, TX

Robert Has Upgraded His Personal Best Trophy Trout More Than Once...

"In our last Specktacular tourney we followed many of the things that this DVD covered and won!"

"In the two months after I watched it,I have caught more big trout than I have in my whole life. Once again I would recommend this video to anyone that has their sights set on catching big trout."

-Chandler Faikney (Picture Below)

Galveston, TX​

Catch Your New Personal Best Trophy Trout

The information you need to catch trophy sized speckled trout is only moments away. If you want to fish on a pro level, you need pro strategy.

We guarantee the information in these videos will lead you to bigger and better fish. In fact, we guarantee it. In essence, we bet you the full price of the DVD that if you are not completely satisfied, we’ll give you a complete refund.

Use the strategy to be more direct in your fish finding ability, quit wasting time catching dinks, and start coming home ‘fired up’, ready to fish the next tournament!

WAIT: Order the Trout Angler Package and Get Both the Trout Limits DVD and The Trophy Trout DVD and save $10! 

Learn Techniques Used By Tournament Pros

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Owner "ReelDeel Reel Cleaning". Hey y'all just wanted to share my experience with y'all, I'm still giddy over this fat girl! Caught the fish in East Galveston Bay. The Big Trout DVD has helped me improve and know what to look for. They are all very informative and you will want to buy more than one. Fish was caught in East Galveston Bay on Mirrolure Paul Brown Original Corky Fatboy. She went 28.2"&7.5# on the boga! She was CPRd and let go to smack some one else's lure.”

-Joey Saadeh

East Galveston Bay, TX

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Tobin Strickland
Owner and Creator

About Trout Support

TroutSupport.com helps you catch more and bigger fish more often. The DVD's are ecologically based so they'll work in all bay systems that contain spotted sea trout, red drum, and flounder. The benefit to this is that once you learn it, you can go to ANY bay system and catch fish.

What sets TroutSupport apart from the competition is our visual communication style that will give you the specific view of what to look for on the water. We actually show you with professional video, not Go Pro / hat cam clips. The videos contain top speckled trout, redfish, and flounder teaching guides so you can see how they utilize the knowledge to plan and respond to the days changing conditions. Let our team train you so you can go home happy and confident from a day on the water.

WAIT: Order the Trout Angler Package and Get Both the Trout Limits DVD and The Trophy Trout DVD and save $10! 

Our Guarantee - Full Money Back - "We’re not interested in taking anyones money, if you're a guide or extreme tournament level angler and you already know the material we'll give you a complete refund. We know anglers are at different levels and we’ve watched enough ‘crap’, and you have too. If you already know what’s in our DVDs, we’ll refund your money. We want happy customers and if you feel you didn’t get the value of the purchase then it’s fully refunded for up to 90 days. Now, that should also say something about our products, would be hard to stay in business if we weren't the best. We have something for every level."

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