Find and Catch Deep Water Reds

Never Get Skunked Again!

Learn to locate larger, tournament class 

reds that swim the main bays and shorelines.

Tired of catching smaller slot reds? Want to catch bigger "UPPER SLOT" and "Over's" redfish more consistently? The Bays and Shorelines Redfish DVD (aka. Deepwater Reds) covers all the details for finding and catching redfish (red drum) in areas not covered in the Marsh and Grass Flats DVD; also there are more, and bigger, redfish in these areas and they bite more consistently. This DVD skillset is based in Red Drum (Redfish) biology and ecology in rivers, main bays, secondary bays, and shorelines.

This DVD has information contributed by teams and guides that is beyond being quantifiable, definitely over 10 years of on the water experience, and was previously only known by a handful of tournament anglers.


  • Learn where you could be adding big redfish to your days catch that you can access with your V-bottom boat;
  • Understand how open water reds are caught in the middle of the main bay;
  • Distinguish what depths redfish stage fishing with spinnerbaits and crankbaits on rock shorelines;
  • Master secondary reefs, currents, and food sources that dictate where redfish will be;
  • Simplify lure choices based on fishing locations;
  • Interviews with 7 Tournament Level Fishing Guides and 1 Coastal Biologist;
  • Run time - 2 hours of on the water instruction; So much content it's like 3 DVDs in one.


  • Eye opening experience gives you insight and confidence on redfish you can catch.
  • Master bay and secondary bay currents;
  • Simple and clear plans that you can begin to catch redfish;
  • Up your game and the size of your redfish substantially.

Trout Support Customer Experiences

"By watching the videos and using some of the tactics that are talked about in the series fishing deep water schools really helped us identify deep water fish and structures. Watching the video helped us key in on signs of bait to indicate what type of lures to use. Highly recommended to purchase the 4 set of DVD's because it has made us better fishermen."

-Bert Jynes (Picture Below)

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Completely changed the way we fish and the results were amazing. Lots of great tips on what to look for and where to fish." (Bought the 4-pack)

-John McDonald

Port Aransas, TX

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Few trips out after watching the redfish dvds. Really helped on figuring out where fish would be on slack of high tide. On a day the tide was moving out... had 3 limits in 45 minutes. Thanks Tobin."

-Correy Brittain

Port Aransas, TX

Start Catching Larger Reds and Get Ready for Tournament Season

The information you need to catch larger redfish consistently is only moments away. This DVD was also built for those that want to catch redfish but don’t have a shallow water craft. Use the boat you have now and catch redfish NOW!. We guarantee the information in these videos will lead you to bigger and better red drum.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


These Techniques Work, Guaranteed

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Tobin breaks down advanced fishing secrets in a simple easy to follow manner. He has customer service like no other..."

"Spots that we use to pass by continue to be spots that produce. Passing up dead water to find the bait always pays off."

-William Uhl

East Matagorda Bay, TX

"For those who want to fish the salt better, especially those that really struggle. Buy all the Trout Support DVDs and study them!! This is a must buy! (Bought the 3-Pack)"

-Brett Wheeler

Matagorda, TX

John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"With Trout Support I gained a lot of useful information about reading signs of where the fish are. I can read the waters so much better than ever before! (Bought the 4-pack)"

-R. Collins

Drum Bay, TX

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Tobin Strickland
Owner and Creator

About Trout Support helps you catch more and bigger fish more often. The DVD's are ecologically based so they'll work in all bay systems that contain spotted sea trout, red drum, and flounder. The benefit to this is that once you learn it, you can go to ANY bay system and catch fish.

What sets TroutSupport apart from the competition is our visual communication style that will give you the specific view of what to look for on the water. We actually show you with professional video, not Go Pro / hat cam clips. The videos contain top speckled trout, redfish, and flounder teaching guides so you can see how they utilize the knowledge to plan and respond to the days changing conditions. Let our team train you so you can go home happy and confident from a day on the water.

Our Guarantee - Full Money Back - "We’re not interested in taking anyones money, if you're a guide or extreme tournament level angler and you already know the material we'll give you a complete refund. We know anglers are at different levels and we’ve watched enough ‘crap’, and you have too. If you already know what’s in our DVDs, we’ll refund your money. We want happy customers and if you feel you didn’t get the value of the purchase then it’s fully refunded for up to 90 days. Now, that should also say something about our products, would be hard to stay in business if we weren't the best. We have something for every level."