Find and Catch Shallow Water Reds

Never Get Skunked Again!

Learn to Catch Redfish More Consistently in Shallow Bodies of Water.

You've experienced it a time or two: that massive blow-up and powerful run of a red in shallow water. Perhaps you've even caught a limit a time or two; now you want to learn what it takes to be more consistent and predict where the redfish will be instead of guessing. This DVD skillset is based in Red Drum biology and ecology in marshes and grass flats. This highly acclaimed DVD contains 10 plus years worth of on the water experience for locating Redfish in your bay system and goes way beyond 'redfish tips'.


  • Understand redfish fishing in shallow environments (both marsh and grass flats);
  • Learn to read aerial photos to find key locations that produce redfish time after time;
  • Distuinguish the seasonal movements of redfish;
  • See where redfish stage in all points of tide;
  • Master bay currents and where to find redfish when there is NO tidal current;
  • What lures produce redfish consistently? we'll cover when to use each lure and what colors;
  • Covers tailing redfish and other signs that let you know you're in the right place;
  • Interviews with 5 Tournament Level Fishing Guides and 1 Coastal Biologist;
  • Run time - 2 Hours of on the water instruction


  • Be able to confidently plan your trip based on season, tide, and weather;
  • Systematically locate key areas and have a plan where to fish, when, and know why;
  • Clearly identify redfish sign on the water and know how to react.

Trout Support Customer Experiences

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"I did everything you said in the videos and it helped me catch my first tailing redfish. Wish I would have invested in the videos a long time ago. Thanks again!"


"...all I could say is what $40... Money well spent!" 

"The info was amazing. I learned new things and it gave me confidence in the things I already knew."

"Thanks for the limit man!"


Port O'Connor, TX

John Doe UI/UX Designer

2 Hour Shallow Redfish Training

The information you need to catch redfish consistently is only moments away. Ever wonder how redfish guides consistently catch Reds?

The information in this DVD will give you more consistent results and also give you more options when the conditions aren’t right. With Testimonials from Virginia to Brownsville this all water redfish DVD will put you beyond the competition.

Fully Guaranteed, we offer a 100% money back guaranty and we’re the first ones in the industry to do so. Why? Because these DVDs deliver!

Becoming A Redfish Expert...

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Watched the DVD the other night. One word sums it up. Awesome!!! Has lots of information and i got to use some of it yesterday. It paid off. Ended up with a limit on a slack high tide."

-Christ Burt

Galveston Bay, TX

"Conditoons were poor but I knew reds had to be in there, according to the dvds. My buddy caught his personal best 29" 9lb redfish! He was super pumped...still is! Thanks again for the dvd's! Ready for Deep Water Reds!"


Arroyo City, TX

John Doe UI/UX Designer

More Redfish Testimonials...

Tobin Strickland
Owner and Creator

About Trout Support helps you catch more and bigger fish more often. The DVD's are ecologically based so they'll work in all bay systems that contain spotted sea trout, red drum, and flounder. The benefit to this is that once you learn it, you can go to ANY bay system and catch fish.

What sets TroutSupport apart from the competition is our visual communication style that will give you the specific view of what to look for on the water. We actually show you with professional video, not Go Pro / hat cam clips. The videos contain top speckled trout, redfish, and flounder teaching guides so you can see how they utilize the knowledge to plan and respond to the days changing conditions. Let our team train you so you can go home happy and confident from a day on the water.

Our Guarantee - Full Money Back - "We’re not interested in taking anyones money, if you're a guide or extreme tournament level angler and you already know the material we'll give you a complete refund. We know anglers are at different levels and we’ve watched enough ‘crap’, and you have too. If you already know what’s in our DVDs, we’ll refund your money. We want happy customers and if you feel you didn’t get the value of the purchase then it’s fully refunded for up to 90 days. Now, that should also say something about our products, would be hard to stay in business if we weren't the best. We have something for every level."