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Redfish Testimonials

Redfish Testimonials


Thomas Blue Regio LA Popping cork w/ matrix shad - Lemon Head. After watching DVD'S with my kids 5, 18. We have been hammering the fish. My oldest said best money ever spent on fishing. The 5 year old tells me " dad, I know I watched the DVD with you" thanks for all the info.

"Few trips out after watching the redfish dvds. Really helped on figuring out where fish would be on slack of high tide. On day tide was moving out... had 3 limits in 45 minutes. Thanks Tobin." - Correy & Kristen Brittain

"Hey Tobin my DVDs arrived yesterday while I was out and about. As soon as I got home I popped in the redfish DVD and watched it even though I had an 0530 departure to chase reds in the back lakes. The info was a amazing I learned new things and it gave me confidence in the things I already knew. I caught three fish from 21-23 out of the same 25' by 15' pocket in the shore. Before your video I would have caught the first one and moved on. Thanks for the limit man! I ended the hour long fish with 4 slots and one 19" throw back. Hooked the first 20' into my wade and all I could say is what $40... Money well spent! Thanks for the effort to better my fishing" -Matt


Went out on Monday in the face of 35mph winds. Water was a chocolate mess. I took two buddies out and we were armed and ready for some serious wading. After our first wade yielded a couple trout, one being a nice 21", we headed into a back bay to get out of the gusts. I drove towards the west/nw shoreline and anchored. I wanted to wade towards the windward shoreline on the incoming tide. Conditoons were poor but I knew reds had to be in there, according to the dvds. My buddy caught his personal best 29" 9lb redfish! He was super pumped...still is! Caught it on a dark soft plastic (Kelley Wiggler Ball Tail Shad). Thanks again for the dvd's! Ready for Deep Water Reds!
Arroyo City, Texas



"Watched the DVD the other night. One word sums it up. Awesome!!! Has lots of information and i got to use some of it yesterday. It paid off. Ended up with a limit on a slack high tide."
-Chris Burt
Galveston, Texas


"Finished watching mine up last night. I'm really into google earth and this thing does a great job of showing you what to look for. Anther knock out Tobin. I believe you just knocked years off the learning curve. Just like your big trout video you did a excellent job of covering material. I like the blending of the animations with the on water instruction and a few fishing clips."
-Scott Mozisek

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