Speckled Trout Testimonials

Speckled Trout Testimonials

I ordered your Finding Trophy Trout video a few months back and loved it so i had to order this one too (Limits). I learned a lot about the habits and nature of big specks by first watching the video and using it as a foundation to compare to the tactics i have been taught in the past about speckled trout. It has also given me more confidence on my decisions and on what and where to fish, and in return has made me a more persistent and patient fisherman who catches more big trout. After watching your trophy trout video i have drastically increased my numbers of larger trout i catch. I have also caught a new personal best spotted sea trout and with some of your tips helped 3 of my other fishing buddies catch theirs while fishing with me. Pics of my first trip after i watched your trophy trout video.

Ray Borries
Biloxi, MS
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lure_method: I caught my personal best( 28" 8.5 lbs ) by locating a pot hole on low tide in a small bay along the river shore. I was fishing a Z-Man scented paddlerz on a 1/8 oz jig head. Thanks for the information in the DVD.

Josh Brothers
Elizabeth River, Chesapeake, VA

I just watched your new DVD 'Finding and Catching Big Speckled Trout' for the third time and was impressed. In my 40+ years of guiding and fishing, i have never seen anything that compares. Not only was this the most informative, but also the most prefessionally done. I highly recommend it to all levels of anglers. It should be required viewing for all guides and aspiring young guides. I cannot wait to get my hands on the lext one.

Captain Chip Harmon

I went to a seminar last week where several guides were explaining about trout slicks and how to work them; NONE were as detailed as your DVD! The visual aids in your DVD are so much easier to understand than just sitting there listening to someone try to explain it!!! One of the best things about your DVD, is each time you watch it, you get something new you missed before and... The Guide NEVER goes home!!!

Bill Melber

I learned more in the first 15 minutes of this DVD, than I have picked up in my 20+ years of reading articles and watching weekend shows. The material was well organized, clearly illustrated, and gave me techniques to find productive water. No more "drifting" and "hoping" for me. Thanks Tobin, I wish you all the best.

Kirk Massey                  

I received the DVD about a month ago, thanks. I'll be sure to let my friends know of your DVDs. It helped me find and catch a 6lb trout last Sunday.

Bill Melber                  

I caught my first LIMIT of Speckled Trout! with what I learned from your video. The buddy that I went with has fished his whole life and was impressed with the knowledge I gained from your video and actually learned a couple of things from me. It was great, can't wait for the advanced video!!!

Danny Lake                  
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Tobin, the trout video you made is awesome and for anyone who hasn't seen it I would strongly recommend it. Me and my partner Cory are new to the tournament scene and still have a lot to learn. As soon as we watched this video our big trout ratio went up. All it took were a couple of key things that the video covered. In our last specktacular tourney we followed many of the things that this DVD covered and won. In the two months after I watched it, I have caught more big trout than I have in my whole life. Once again I would recommend this video to anyone that has their sights set on catching big trout

Chandler Faickney
Jan 2011 1st Place Winners "Speck Tacular" Gulf Coast Tournament Series

I bought the 3 pack DVD's less than a month ago and every week seems to get better and better. We are catching speckled trout and redfish consistently more than ever. The DVD's have help me understand how and why the speckled trout and redfish are where they are. Using this knowledge has allowed me to make our trips more memorable. The days of hoping we catch something are gone. Today my son caught his personal best trout. It was 27 1/2 inches.

Carl Avilla
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Much like any fisherman who discovers something that WORKS and gives you a clear advantage, I have mixed feelings about sharing it with others... but I've learned the great majority of what I know from others, and for that reason I don't have a problem sharing something which has helped me immensely.

If you want to catch bigger gator trout, and we're talking about the biggest trout in any bay system, you need to check this out. I'm extremely skeptical of these types of learning tools, but Tobin (the creator of TroutSupport.com) really went out of his way to create something extremely thorough & in-depth that will push a beginner years ahead of the learning curve and an experienced angler over the top. It tells you where the big gator trout will be, how to find them, what to use and in what conditions. I can't exaggerate how thorough this video is, I've literally watched it 3-4 times and pickup something new each time, the Big Speckled Trout DVD is worth the $$$ all day long.

Josh Rubbington
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Yeah, by now all you you know that Tobin makes a great informative dvd on speckled trout fishing for big speckled trout, but what you may not have thought about is how much of the info shared works in other places besides Tx. I have been using the info from the Trophy Speckled Trout video to locate trout here in Panama city Florida, which is not really a place known for trophy trout. Well I have found the info incredibly helpful in finding bigger trout and understanding what I should be throwing. Heck, it even applies to fly fishing. Though a 25" trout isn't really a trophy in most places, it is a good un here. On a topwater fly to top it off!!!! Thanks Tobin for putting this stuff together.

Bill Laminack
Panama City, FL

Just wanted to let you know, Thursday I caught my personal best speckled trout. 25.5" no boga to get the weight, but she was heavy. Caught her just like the DVD instructed along and several other solid speckled trout fishing the pot holes with a plum/chart. trout killer 2.....Thanks again for the DVD's can't wait for the red fish flick.

Todd Reed
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Bought the DVD and first trip out popped my personal best speckled trout so far. I used all the info from the video and bam she hit. Good luck to all and have fun, this DVD is worth every pennie.

Robert Buenrostro
Galveston, TX

PS... Robert later upgraded his personal best to this fish.

Tobin, my buddies, Taylor Gaines, Tim Fluitt, and I had never fished Port Mansfield in the winter before and never truly fished for trophy speckled trout on purpose. Tim and I had watched your Big Speckled Trout DVD multiple times before that trip, and after some thought we came up with a few spots and a game plan that we thought would give us the highest percentage of catching big trout based on the DVD. And as you can see, we caught 2 trout of a lifetime plus numerous heavy trout over 25 inches. The one with the guy in the red jacket is Taylor, and that trout went a little over 30" and just a touch under 10lbs. The second one with the guy covered up in the buff is Tim, and his speckled trout went 29" and little over 9 lbs. Both of those trout were caught within about 30 minutes on corkies which your Big Speckled Trout DVD covered very well. So thank you for that.

Ryan Keel
Port Mansfeild, TX
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I ordered the Big Trout video a year ago. I considered myself a fairly experienced angler at the time but was interested in seeing what all the hype was about. As I watched the video I noticed most of the tactics were ones I already used on a regular basis, but the video went so in depth with the trophy trout anglers methods that it gave me new ways to apply the knowledge I already had. It touched on all the basics of big trout fishing for beginners but it also goes into depth to help experienced anglers pick up some new things to try. The big trout pictured is a perfect example of what happens when all the info from the video is applied. I decided where to go using a similar decision process discussed in the video. Then tracked down productive areas by reading the water in ways that are discussed in the video, and I put the final piece of the puzzle together by making a good presentation for the conditions. The end result was this big trout and many more just from that one outing. The video goes over the whole process that goes into catching big trout and is truly one of the best resources for a big trout angler.

Cameron McInnis
Galveston TX

lure_method: Using techniques described in your DVDs, I caught this 28.25 inch trout last summer in San Antonio bay. She was in about 2 feet of water on a flat near a deep drop off, sitting on the edge of a pothole.

Jeff Bible
San Antonio Bay, Texas
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PB 26in trout working active bait and grass pockets. The DVD really showed how to READ active bait. Very easy to grasp. Just before that big girl, we hooked onto 15+ trout. The DVD really helped me understand how to locate fish and weed out unproductive waters.

Derek Salinas
Lower Laguna Madre TX

So, we went out this morning. Headed a spoil bar. We immediately noticed some slick so we moved upwind and jumped out to wade. We picked up about a dozen small trout as we moved downwind. We were fishin 3 1/2 ft of water throwing kelley wigglers plastics. I cast out and felt the familiar sharp tap. Set the hook and felt some nice weight to it. After a couple strong runs, I landed her. My personal best 28" 6lbs. Trout Support baby!! Thanks Tobin!

Aaron Saenz
Port Mansfield, TX
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Whats going on Mr.Strickland. wanted to thank you and the video you put out on the big trout. From watching the video dozens of times I have learned a lot. I have only been fishing with artificial for 2 years now and I stuck my 30in trout yesterday. It was a awesome feeling. That video was a big help. Thanks. Have a good one.

Sammy Guerrero
Galveston, TX / Owner "Reel Wet Fishing"

Hey y'all just wanted to share my experience with y'all, I'm still giddy over this fat girl! Caught the fish in East Galveston Bay. The Big Trout DVD has helped me improve and know what to look for. They are all very informative and you will want to buy more than one. Fish was caught in East Galveston Bay on Mirrolure Paul Brown Original Corky Fatboy. She went 28.2"&7.5# on the boga! She was CPRd and let go to smack some one else's lure! Boston Whaler Rockland MA 02370

Joey Saadeh
Owner "ReelDeel Reel Cleaning"
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