Big Trout – Hunt Them

Catching a Big Trout is much like hunting Trophy Bucks.

What’s going on with Big Trout right now? Currently and for the last several weeks in particular quite a few big trout guides that are targeting big trout have been doing VERY well. The last several years we’ve had very warm fall months with high tides and that’s caused it to be very tough to catch the big fish; It has more variables that affect it than that but targeting them is the same. Hunt Them!!!

TroutSupport Customer Rick Commander HUNTS Big Trout; Congrats Rick, Killin it Bro!

Rick with a BIG 29.5″ Corky FatBoy Trout       and a Big 29″ GrassWalker Trout (BirthdaySuit)

Rick1 on customcorkyfatboy 300x269 - Big Trout - Hunt Them

Rick with GW 29on GrassWalker 300x249 - Big Trout - Hunt ThemThis year we’ve had the conditions begin to line up a little better to provide more favorable conditions for big trout. The tide is still staying up a bit as we’ve had a good bit of northeast wind this fall cumulatively, but we’ve also had some conditions that have moved more big fish into the locations where we can target them. I want to be very clear here, on the Gulf Coast, you can catch big trout in big trout specific areas almost year round; however, in the cooler months there will be more, and more are fooled on artificial baits during the cooler months. We used to think big trout time was from mid January thru March but you can begin seeing more show up in those locations from late October thru the end of May and early June IF you HUNT for them.

When I say hunt for them, that’s exactly what I mean. We have to target specific big trout habitats and it may take looking at 10 of them thru the course of the day to find the right conditions that will have a big fish actually there. It’s really similar to mature buck hunting, you can’t expect that one stand to produce every day… you need about 10 stands to set up on with different wind conditions, changes in food each year, and where the rest of the deer herd is concentrating and that can change every year based on big weather influences that are highly variable like getting early season rains, or a dry, or wet year during an acorn production year. Big Trout fishing can be just as nebulous. As many of you have experienced, our Big Trout DVD simplifies a lot of that. You’ve found if you really apply the content, make a game plan from the video, and apply it on the water you’ll begin to see that the approach works and takes a lot of the frustration out of the scenario. Hunt Big Trout habitat and look for bait acting the way we show in the dvd, and on the right weather conditions listed in the dvd to increase your odds… most of you have already watched it and know what I’m talk about so I won’t waste time on that here.

What if the weather conditions are wrong for a Big Trout. The best conditions to catch a big trout are stable conditions, and right before a cold front, up to several hours after the frontal passage (make sure you have safe route back to ramp if you plan on fishing after the passage of a weather front). After that trout fishing can be tough and it definitely reduces the odds of finding a big fish in big trout habitat; although it’s still possible to catch trout and reds. Hint, look close by on the drop off if it’s fishable; she’s not going to go far in most cases. The other option is punt. I know you had your heart set on catching big trout this trip but it may be better odds at just going after stringer fish this trip if the weather is not right. Yes, you can catch fish after a cold front, and how to do that could fill volumes of other emails and videos; Can’t put it all here in this one little page. For the most part I’d focus on cuts with depth, semi protected water, with a little water movement of some sort whether it’s tidal, wind derived, or man induced. For more help on big fish always feel free to contact me; I also offer a ‘one on one’ to look at big trout in your area (email me and we’ll talk about it

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My Story. Born right on the water in Southern Louisiana, I was fishing with a Snoopy pole while still in diapers. Fished Freshwater until the end of college catching large mouth bass in the 8, 9, and 10lb range. Decided to give the saltwater bays a try and my first attempts I got my 'butt' handed to me even though I was a good bass fisherman with numerous fish over 8lbs. That was 20 years ago. So to say that we understand your saltwater fishing frustration is to say the least. We've been there, and we've figured out what works and what doesn't. I started diving into the knowledge and using my skills from Ecology and testing those hypothesis to find what works and why as it pertained to where the fish actually were, and then also to find them the day of. I was lucky enough to find some great fishing guides along my journey... those that think fishing guides don't have your best interest in mind haven't fished with the guides I know and how quickly they forgot the guides and articles that they learned from. Guides are a valuable collective of people in our fishing community and I feel like finding a couple good ones after use the best learning resources will greatly shorten your learning curve. I know we all want to do it on our own, but there is also something to say for utilizing, and partnering with guys that are on the water everyday, to Maximize your putting that education into practice. With our DVDs you can do it on your own, but you can also learn to do it faster combining the resources of the community. Over the 20 years that I fished saltwater I have fished all Texas Bays and into Louisiana, Florida, and South Carolina. Not only that but my understanding of how each estuary and bay system works, and how I can simply teach it to you is also something I've been very fortunate, and blessed to be able to deliver to you. I now mostly help you guys and develop new tools for you. I am forever indebted to my customers for the life and chance I've been given. It's something I don't overlook. I don't fish as much as everyone would like to believe, running and making sure you guys come first takes a lot of time and resources. But I still go when I can and when I do I like to go to different areas and fish new water every chance I get.