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East and Trinity Bay WadeFishing Oyster

Do you Wade Fish East Galveston and Trinity Bay?

East and Trinity Bay wadefishing oyster shell areas. Do you wade fish? If you don't wade fish, this file is NOT for you as most of these oyster areas are less than the draft of your boat; If you only fish from your boat we request you respect those that want to wadefish by not getting this file.

I created this as a separate upgrade file to allow these oyster areas time to recover from drought damage and to make them available to only those that wade fish. Wadefishing productivity in East and Trinity can be very fickle if you don't know how to wadefish and when to wadefish; but if you do, or want to learn from our DVDs or within our membership program AND you already have the Reef Recon main file for your GPS, then this file is a no brainer. Built with the same exacting tolerance that Reef Recon was made and ready for your use now. Available for a limited time only.

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Do you Wade Fish East Galveston and Trinity Bay?


Areas of Oyster and Scattered Oyster in wadefishing depths.
Great for Spring and Fall wadefishing
Catch trout and Redfish during the right tides and conditions
Only known to a handful of anglers
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Immerse yourself completely into the the wild
Become one with your quarries environment
Worth years of learning curve of Galveston Bay WadeFishing Spots
Expand your Spring, Fall, and Winter fishing success

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Cameron McInnis - Galveston TX

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Ryan Keel - Port Mansfeild, TX

Tobin, my buddies, Taylor Gaines, Tim Fluitt, and I had never fished Port Mansfield in the winter before and never truly fished for trophy speckled trout on purpose. Tim and I had watched your Big Spe ...

Buddy Kirkhardt - New Wave Taxidermy, Stuart, Florida

The Big Trout DVD definitely helped me think in new ways about the areas I fish. Was blessed with this 29' beauty on Memorial Day in 15' of water, at noon'.

Robert Buenrostro - Galveston, TX

Bought the DVD and first trip out popped my personal best so far. I used all the info from the video and bam she hit. Personal best so far. Good luck to all and have fun, this DVD is worth every penni ...

Todd Reed

Just wanted to let you know, Thursday I caught my personal best speckled trout. 25.5' no boga to get the weight, but she was heavy. Caught her just like the DVD instructed along and several other soli ...

Bryan Avilla - by Carl Avilla

I bought the 3 pack DVD's less than a month ago and every week seems to get better and better. We are catching consistenly more than ever. The DVD's have help me understand how and why the fish are wh ...

Ray Borries - Biloxi, MS

I ordered your Finding Trophy Trout video a few months back and loved it so i had to order this one too (Limits). I learned a lot about the habits and nature of big specks by first watching the video ...

Bill Laminack Panama City, FL

Yeah, by now all you you know that Tobin makes a great informative void, but what you may not have thought about is how much of the info shared works in other places besides Tx. I have been using the ...

Josh Rubbington - Naples, FL

Much like any fisherman who discovers something that WORKS and gives you a clear advantage, I have mixed feelings about sharing it with others... but I've learned the great majority of what I know fro ...

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