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Reef Recon (TM) is an overlay for your GPS unit showing the boundaries of all reefs in the Galveston Bay Complex. It includes both shallow and deep reefs.

                                                                   For Display Only - General Oyster Reef Areas in Galveston Bay

For Display Only - General Oyster Reef Areas in Galveston Bay

Actual download is specific,

side scan oyster reefs outlines

See Detail example inset below ​

Example of Reef Recon over GPS Aerial Coverage

Why was it made?

Formerly oyster reefs were identified on maps by single waypoints. With Reef Recon (TM) you can see the entire reef boundary and know exactly where you are in relation to the entire reef. If you want to fish the edge of it, you can do that. If you want to stop your drift at the true end of it, you can do that. If you want to start your drift at the edge of it, ... you get the picture.

Google Earth

What you currently see on your ChartPlotter...?? 

What you see with REEF RECON Oyster Reef Overlay!

Oyster Reef

Example - Level of Detail of Mapping on REEF RECON

Oyster Reef Galveston Bay


​​The file is easily imported into your GPS (Currently only for Lowrance, Simrad, Garmin, and for other units that take GPX format) chartplotters and some handheld Garmin devices via an SD or micro sd card). It’s designed to work in conjunction with any base map whether it is your unit’s stock basemap or a third party base map upgrade such as Navionics and others. It can also be used standalone without a base map if your unit does not project a map.

  • Only for Lowrance, Simrad, Garmin and also for other units that take GPX format
  • If you have a Simrad, or Lowrance Gen 3, Carbon, or Elite Ti, email me immediately after purchase ( I have to supply a specific file for these currently. 
  • ALL you need is an SD Card (or micro sd) sized for your unit.
  • Purchase and Download it to the Card then Install in Unit 

Coverage Area - Galveston Bay System

  • West Bay
  • Christmas Bay
  • Bastrop Bay
  • Oyster Bay
  • Chocolate Bay
  • Carancahua Lake
  • Greens Lake
  • Jones Bay (Excludes Swan Lake)
    • Galveston Bay
    • Dollar Bay
    • Moses Lake
    • Dickinson Bay
    • Tabbs Bay
    • Upper Galveston Bay (to 146 Bridge) (Excludes Clear Lake)
    • Trinity Bay (Deep Reefs Only)
    • East Bay (Deep Reefs Only)


    • Knowing the locations, size, and exact edge locations would literally be worth decades of on the water experience. Years and Years of Trips and Gas ( well worth Thousands of dollars worth of trips ~$ 5,000 - $10,000) 
    • Knowing where shallow dangerous reefs are could save your hulls gelcoat, and probably even at least one prop repair or more - ($200 - $500)
    • Having numerous other options when getting to your chosen location only to find someone already fishing it. (Priceless Really).
    • Knowing which sets of PVC pipes have no oyster at all, and knowing where exactly the best shell is on all reefs marked and unmarked. (I don't have time to waste. Do you?)
    • Don’t scan for reefs... use your precious time to fish and have fun.

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    FAQ.  Why Get it?

    1. Doesn't my third party GPS chip already have the reefs?  

    No. while the majority of third party map chips are suitable for general information and a great starting point for depths, they do not show you the outlines of ALL reefs in the bays.  We like third party maps and decided REEF RECON should overlay their work so you have the best of both worlds. 

    2. I just bought a new GPS unit and got the structure scan, can't I scan the reefs myself a little at a time? 

    Yes. By all means continue to scan reefs. It's a great way to learn how to use your sonar / GPS. However, it took us a 18 months of full time scanning (week in and week out; including weekends), thousands of dollars of technology, and thousands more in fuel, and more in software cost. Not to mention the time it took away from our families and our valuable recreation and fishing time which was almost zero. REEF RECON allows you the freedom to ' GO fish!'

    3. Can't I just go fish where the PVC pipes mark the Oyster leases?

    Yes. However, the nearly 8 year drought decimated much of the oyster leases and there ARE leases with PVC pipes with NO remaining oyster substrate.  REEF RECON gives you options if 1 boat is on a reef you wanted to go to, you can just go to another reef and know exactly the size, shape, and layout of the reef on your chartplotter and see where you are on it. If you hear the fish are in a certain part of the bay, you can go hit those reefs. It takes a lot of guesswork out of the equation. 

    4. Can I use the file in a Simrad unit?   Yes. 

    5. Can I use it over my existing chip/card?  

    Yes. You'll import the REEF RECON file into your unit and then place the third party map chip/card back into the unit. REEF RECON will overlay on top of the map you are using.

    6. Why do Simrad, Gen3, Carbon, and Elite Ti owner have to email you? Are you lonely?  

    No. Carbon and Elite Ti use a slightly different file and I will mannually change the file and deliver the file for these units until my website can be changed. I assure you Reef Recon works on those units and they've already been tested. 

    7. I already have 2 chips filling both slots, is there some way to also install Reef Recon even though they are filled?

    Yes. I can show you how to install the file even though you have both card slots filled. Works great you'll love it. 

    REEF RECON Testimonials

    John Doe UI/UX Designer

    "I recently loaded Reef Recon Galveston on my Lowrance HDS 9 Gen2. I was impressed right away seeing reefs and bottom structure in Tabbs Bay I didn't know were there. The map overlay really helped that day. After making a few drifts we figured out a pattern that the trout were on the reef edges. This helped us put some more fish in the boat. Our fishing time was more efficient as we weren't just making blind drifts wondering if we were on the reef or not. Also the map will help with safety. The map shows potential danger outlined in red of reefs that a boat could contact, and it shows hull wreckers and those pipes. I loved it. I know it will help me identify new areas when all the other stuff is loaded up with boats, and I'll put some more fish in the boat."

    -Kyle Munchrath

    John Doe UI/UX Designer

    "This really gives me the information I need to be able to fish more productively. No more wondering where the edges of the reef are, or if they're even there anymore. Thanks Tobin!"

    -Seth Johnson

    Galveston Bay, TX

    Hey Tobin

    "I fish Galveston West Bay and this is really going to open things up and give me and more people options on the water. It's is also going to give me more options to navigate and help keep me out of trouble with west bay having a lot of shallow reefs and obstructions throughout the bay. Thanks for developing another great product".

    -Mark Keller

    Tiki Island, TX

    John Doe UI/UX Designer

    Tobin Strickland
    Owner and Creator

    About Trout Support helps you catch more and bigger fish more often. The DVD's are ecologically based so they'll work in all bay systems that contain spotted sea trout, red drum, and flounder. The benefit to this is that once you learn it, you can go to ANY bay system and catch fish.

    What sets TroutSupport apart from the competition is our visual communication style that will give you the specific view of what to look for on the water. We actually show you with professional video, not Go Pro / hat cam clips. We also work with top speckled trout, redfish, and flounder teaching guides so you can see how they utilize the knowledge to plan and respond to the days changing conditions. Let our team train you so you can go home happy and confident from a day on the water.

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